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Highly Trusted

Professional Stone Cleaning Company

We provide a professional stone cleaning service for retail, commercial, medical and educational sites across Wales and the West of England, on a daily basis.

We have worked with some of Wales’ most well-known names, including:

As well as working with these big names, we also work alongside a number of smaller local companies, including stores, banks, restaurants, councils etc.

Fully Qualified

Stone Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a professional company to clean your stone walls and floors in South Wales, then call us today for a free inspection and quotations.

The type of stones and their condition will determine which cleaning method is best and that is the first thing to inspect and understand what needs cleaning and how much grime and dirt has accumulated on the stone.

We often deploy our soft washing equipment to safely restore the stone which gives the wow factor when people see how clean and restored it can be returned to.

Free Stone Cleaning

Quote and Benchmarking

If you’re looking for a reliable company that provides professional stone cleaning in South Wales, get a free quote now by calling 08000 354 142.

We can also carry out a free appraisal of your current stone cleaning services through our unique Benchmarking Service. This allows you to see what you are getting for your money, informing you of where improvement can be made and where you can trim costs.

We’re also able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation so that you can compare us with your current provider. This benchmarking service can be carried out remotely 99% of the time. So, we can evaluate your current services without your tenants finding out!

CCWC Services

Four Stage Project Management

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service possible with Accountability, Integrity and Reliability with Health and Safety at the fore front with SSSTS and SMSTS certificated Staff, who were also tested and approved for Working At Height & Critical Working at Height you can be rest assured that we more than comply with HSE.

Our Four Stage Project Management.


We use the very latest Automatic Rescheduling work Software, ensuring our clients needs are met on time every time.

We personally survey every single job no matter where the job maybe in the Country, here we can take into consideration any possible issues that pictures, Goggle Earth or Maps alone will not produce, then we work around them with a detailed plan so there are no surprises when the team turn up to commence work

All CCWC Service vehicles and staff are tracked in real time relaying working positions directly to our office, giving precise locations we can determine estimated time of arrival. Using the trackers, we can ensure that the plans already made are adhered to on site.

We also use the latest GPRS equipment via Apps that enables us to take pictures of before and after each job that is Date and Time and location stamped. We can collect signatures from senior staff from site alongside pictures of work undertaken and they can be sent directly from site to our clients again in real time.

Areas Covered

For Stone Cleaning:

We carry out stone cleaning services across the following areas:
Cardiff | Swansea | Newport | Bridgend | Caerphilly | Bath
If you are based outside of these areas, please contact us for a quote.

What Customers Say

CCWC have become a valued contractor to call on for a variety of tasks. CCWC have supplied specialist plant and trained operators to our sites Nationwide, to carry out work that other
contractors may have struggled with. The work is always well planned and of high quality, with a good level of communication throughout.

Carl ThomasGeneration Asset Manager, Welsh Power

CCWC have undertaken works for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council for many years. I have always found them to be a professional company, they are very responsive and attend site quickly to carry out the work. The quality of their service is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any new potential clients.

Kerry ChinnockProject Manager, Rhondda Cynon Taff County Council

Noonan Services have used CCWC Services for a number of years without issue. CCWC are always willing to go the extra mile, Lee Clark and his team offer a fully professional and efficient service always ready to re-schedule their workload where necessary to undertake urgent work. We would not hesitate to recommend CCWC Services, we know they value our business and in turn we value their dedication to our client’s needs. It is a total pleasure doing business with them.

Michael O’FarrellManaging Director

CCWC recently carried out some quite complex very high-level cleaning and maintenance works for us and they organised everything. Such as Traffic Management on extremely busy main roundabout and also Pedestrian management to coincide. CCWC Services made it a painless experience at a more than competitive cost, we will definitely be using them again in the very near future.

David EvansFacilities Manger Trivallis Local Housing Authority

I have worked in conjunction with Lee & his team at CCWC Services for 4 years now and have always found them to provide a high quality, prompt and efficient service. Lee has always been quick to respond to emails and phone calls and his quotes are very competitively placed. I expect a lot from all of my contractors, and often have strict requirements and budgets to meet; Lee is extremely flexible and has always managed to meet my expectations with the service that CCWC Services provide. I would highly recommend CCWC Services for both their quality of work and competitive pricing structure.

Esther HuntingProperty Manager, Warwick Estates Property Management.

I have worked alongside CCWC Services for a number of years. I find their customer service second to none, fast prompt bend over backwards attitude, nothing is ever a problem, can be on site within hours…my type of company.

John HannafordSite Manager. Invictus Developments

Cardiff City Football Club has been using the services of CCWC for a couple of years and have to say the quality of their work is second to none. Not only do they always turn up on time and as agreed but their staff work diligently, with a smile and always leave the stadium as they found it. Coupled with the fact that their admin and contact response time is excellent I would recommend other companies to use CCWC with the confidence of a first-class service!

Chris MartinStewart Logistics Officer

I would like to thank you and your team for the great job you did cleaning our bulk tanks.
You were very efficient, fitted in with our production schedule and reasonable on costs.
Best regards.

Delfryn J HallOperations Manager DGSA, Harp International Limited
Reliable and friendly service, I would definitely recommend.
Neil S.
Neil S.
07:46 04 Apr 24
Effective and efficient, clear in what can and can't be done although not much can't be done.
Lee S.
Lee S.
09:09 12 Dec 23
Don't bother wasting your time, we have a commercial property to be professionally cleaned in Pontypridd and I have been calling them since 6th Oct and every time I manage to speak to Lee Clark I have been given different stories, first I was told that he was going to be away and booked the job for 25th Oct this came and went but no sign of him so I called again on 16th Nov, first he had forgotten completely about it however he assured me that he was going to a conference the next day and will call me back on Monday 20th Nov. I am still waiting for that call. I have no intention of wasting anymore time as this people have no intention of doing any work.
Natu D.
Natu D.
18:22 29 Nov 23
Lee and his team did a great job cleaning up a yard at our industrial unit. The work was completed safely and efficiently and the results speak for themselves. We're very happy and would use CCWC again.
Neal S.
Neal S.
15:56 02 Oct 23
Always had a great experience with CCWC. The team are always on time and always on the date scheduled in for. Workmanship is excellent too.
Scott J.
Scott J.
15:33 11 Jul 23
Pedro M.
Pedro M.
18:10 27 May 23
Very helpful Team, All required tools to complete the job.Would recommend to anyone requiring.
Daryl T.
Daryl T.
15:03 14 Apr 23
Lee and the team are very knowledgeable and provide a great timely service to our business, would highly recommend
Tom F.
Tom F.
11:38 31 Mar 23
CCWC provide high quality and trusted industial building cleaning services as well as Portable Appliance Testing. Both are a necessary parts of the facilities management we required for our distibuted energy portfolio. Lee Clark and his team are flexible, accomodating, and professonal and are also willing to travel with their specialist access equipment to provide services to us nationally.
Graeme M.
Graeme M.
16:17 24 Mar 23
Have used this company for many different reasons, leaking ceilings, Demolition, exterior building clean , Lightening protection, to name but a few. Very helpful guys.
Charles B.
Charles B.
09:14 28 Oct 22
CCWC provided an excellent service to a very complex roof cleaning project. The whole team were professional, committed and reliable. Overall, their H&S and regulatory compliance was excellent, and they had superior knowledge of the roofing works involved. Overall, very impressed and highly recommended.
Toby C.
Toby C.
14:29 27 Oct 22
Fantastic lads nothing a problem to these guys.Done a brilliant job 👏
Kyle G.
Kyle G.
12:30 27 Oct 22
We have used CCWC for several years now, for both our commercial and residential properties. They are reliable, tidy and easily contactable, and have always given us an excellent service at a competitive price.
Leone M.
Leone M.
10:24 26 Oct 22
Excellent service, nothing was too much trouble.
Paul F.
Paul F.
13:09 24 Oct 22
CCWC Services arrive when they say they will. Always professional and efficient - windows and surrounding are left clean and tidy.
Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.
07:49 19 Oct 22
Used for a number of jobs - great service
Claire K.
Claire K.
09:21 13 Oct 22
I have personally CCWC for over 4 years and have always found the service and quality of work excellent. Lee is friendly, helpful and can always be relied on to get the job done without fuss.
James L.
James L.
05:30 13 Oct 22
Thank you to CCWC for the professional service on Pull Testing our anchors at our indoor climbing wall. Staff where knowledgeable and had undertaken the appropriate research and liaised with other necessary companies to ensure that they could fulfil all requirements needed before agreeing to do the work. CCWC were the only company out of the ones we contacted that were thorough in this way.
Boathouse C.
Boathouse C.
10:19 21 May 21
We contacted these guys to clean the render at our house and they ended up washing the patios, driveway and garden walls too. Really impressed with the job that they did, the house looks brand new. Thank you!
Andrew G.
Andrew G.
17:20 10 May 21
We contacted CCWC services because we had just got a new 25,000sqft Warehouse that needed cleaning. The new Warehouse consisted of 3 large warehouses knocked into 1 large Warehouse. Each Warehouse had white panels all the way around that had collected so much dust, grease & dirt. I contacted CCWC and I heard back from them the same day and we arranged a meeting. I was met at the Warehouse by a lovely gentleman who was super helpful and explained in details what they would do to achieve best results. When the quote was agreed a booking was made to have a team on sight to have the work done. The two gentlemen who came on sight to do the work were again so helpful, so kind and very good working guys. They managed to finish the job in a couple of days and the outcome was stunning. I was very shocked to see the huge difference the clean had made. The panels come up like new and all the walls/panels were dust, grease and dirt free. So I was a happy lady. The whole round service from the company was 10/10 from start to finish. I would highly recommend this company for any industrial cleaning like I had. I have certainly kept this team in my "save" file as I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again. Thank you for all your hard work. Karen
14:16 12 Aug 19
Saved us a fortune, top notch soft wash service, turned an old warehouse into a gallery. Highly recommend.
08:05 22 Feb 19
Excellent work top notch every time and the staff very friendly
Chris M.
Chris M.
01:04 17 Jan 19
These guys do a fantastic job cleaning the windows, as well as lots of other cleaning services for us at a number of locations in Cardiff & other areas. Polite, respectful team that work diligently from start to finish. Always respond quickly to requests. Thank you for your professionalism at all times. Credit to the window cleaning industry. Wish everyone was like these guys A+++
Chris S.
Chris S.
14:44 16 Jan 19
Top firm
Paul C.
Paul C.
20:10 27 Dec 17

Recent Work


What stone cleaning services does your company offer?

From Pressure washing to acid washing we clean all types of stone work.

How much do your stone cleaning services cost?

From £1 per metre depending on contaminates.

How often should I have my stone cleaned?

Dependent on where the area is, if its North facing this will require more cleaning approximately every 12 months due to the shaded areas growing moss and algae causing a slippery surface underfoot. If its South facing it’ll require less cleaning.

What are the benefits of stone cleaning?

Aesthetically pleasing, safer to walk on no slips or falls for your staff or customers.

Is stone cleaning safe for my health?

Using the correct procedures, it’s not going to cause any health issues.

How Often should I clean the exterior work of my commercial building?

The frequency of cleaning your commercial building’s exterior brickwork depends on several factors, including location, climate, and the level of exposure to environmental elements. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Urban Areas: Buildings in urban environments with higher pollution levels may require cleaning every 1 to 3 years to remove accumulated grime and pollutants.
  • Coastal Areas: Coastal locations exposed to salt and sea spray might benefit from more frequent cleaning, typically every 6 to 12 months, to prevent corrosion.
  • Climate: Areas with high humidity and rainfall may need more frequent cleaning to combat mold and algae growth.
  • Building Usage: The purpose of your commercial building matters. If it houses a restaurant with outdoor seating, for example, it may require more frequent cleaning due to food-related stains.
  • Assessment: Regular inspections can help determine when cleaning is needed. If you notice staining, discoloration, or mold growth, it’s time to schedule cleaning.

At CCWC Services, we recommend a tailored approach. We assess your building’s unique needs and environmental factors to provide a cleaning schedule that ensures your brickwork remains clean, attractive, and well-maintained. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance but also prolongs the lifespan of your brickwork, ultimately saving on long-term maintenance costs.

What are the benefits of professional brick cleaning for commercial properties?

Professional brick cleaning for commercial properties offers a range of significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal: Clean, well-maintained brickwork improves the visual appeal of your commercial property, leaving a positive impression on clients, tenants, and visitors.
  2. Preventative Maintenance: Regular brick cleaning helps identify and address issues early, preventing more extensive and costly repairs in the future.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Proper maintenance through cleaning can extend the lifespan of your brickwork, preserving its structural integrity and reducing the need for replacements.
  4. Improved Energy Efficiency: Clean brickwork reflects more sunlight, reducing heat absorption and helping to lower cooling costs, especially in warmer climates.
  5. Preservation of Property Value: A well-maintained exterior can increase the value of your commercial property, attracting potential buyers or tenants.
  6. Safety: Cleaning removes algae and mold, reducing slip hazards and creating a safer environment for building occupants and visitors.
  7. Compliance: Some commercial properties are subject to regulations that require regular maintenance, including brick cleaning, to comply with local laws.
  8. Positive Image: Clean brickwork reflects professionalism and attention to detail, which can positively impact your business’s image.
  9. Sustainability: Eco-friendly cleaning methods can be used, reducing the environmental impact of maintenance practices.
  10. Cost Savings: Regular cleaning is often more cost-effective than addressing neglected issues that can lead to extensive damage.

At CCWC Services, we understand the importance of maintaining the exterior of your commercial property. Our professional brick cleaning services are tailored to enhance the longevity and appearance of your brickwork, ultimately contributing to the success and value of your business.

Can brick cleaning remove tough stains like graffiti and paint?

Yes, professional brick cleaning can effectively remove tough stains such as graffiti and paint. Here’s how it works:

  • Graffiti Removal: Specialized cleaning agents and techniques are used to safely and thoroughly remove graffiti without damaging the underlying brick. This process is particularly effective when addressed promptly.
  • Paint Removal: Whether it’s accidental paint splatters or deliberate paint vandalism, professional brick cleaning can assess the type of paint and apply appropriate methods to remove it without harming the bricks.

At CCWC Services, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle even the most stubborn stains on your commercial property’s brickwork. Our goal is to restore the clean and pristine appearance of your bricks, making them look as good as new.

Is pressure washing suitable for cleaning all types of bricks?

Pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method, but it may not be suitable for all types of bricks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hard Bricks: Pressure washing is generally safe for hard, dense bricks like clay or concrete. It can effectively remove dirt and stains from these surfaces.
  • Soft Bricks: Soft or more porous bricks, such as historic or antique bricks, may be sensitive to high-pressure water. In such cases, alternative cleaning methods, like steam cleaning, may be more appropriate to avoid damage.
  • Mortar Condition: The condition of the mortar between bricks should also be considered. High-pressure water can dislodge or damage deteriorating mortar. Professional assessment is crucial.
  • Specialized Equipment: Professional brick cleaning services have the expertise and equipment to adjust pressure levels to suit the specific brick type and condition.
  • Preparation: Prior to pressure washing, a thorough assessment of the brickwork is needed to determine suitability and the right pressure settings.

At CCWC Services, we prioritize the safety and preservation of your brickwork. Our experienced team evaluates the brick type and condition to select the most appropriate cleaning method, ensuring effective cleaning without causing damage.

Are there eco-friendly options for commercial brick cleaning?

Yes, there are eco-friendly and sustainable options for commercial brick cleaning that align with environmental responsibility. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Biodegradable Solutions: Eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and non-toxic can be used for brick cleaning. These solutions break down naturally and pose minimal harm to the environment.
  • Low-Pressure Methods: Utilizing low-pressure cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning or soft washing, can reduce water consumption and minimize the impact on surrounding ecosystems.
  • Water Reclamation: Some eco-friendly cleaning services implement water reclamation systems to capture and treat the water used during cleaning, preventing contamination of waterways.
  • Non-Abrasive Techniques: Eco-friendly brick cleaning techniques are designed to be non-abrasive, preserving the integrity of the brickwork while achieving effective results.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Reputable eco-friendly cleaning services ensure compliance with local environmental regulations and prioritize sustainability in their practices.

At CCWC Services, we are committed to offering eco-friendly options for commercial brick cleaning. Our sustainable approach not only achieves exceptional cleaning results but also minimizes the environmental footprint of our services. We believe in responsible cleaning practices that benefit both your property and the planet.

How can I prevent algae and mold from growing on my building's brick exterior?

Preventing the growth of algae and mold on your building’s brick exterior requires proactive measures and regular maintenance. Here are some steps to help prevent these issues:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Schedule regular brick cleaning to remove dirt and organic matter that can promote algae and mold growth. Cleaning also helps maintain a clean and healthy exterior.
  2. Proper Drainage: Ensure that your building has proper drainage systems to redirect rainwater away from the brickwork. Standing water can create conditions conducive to mold and algae.
  3. Prune Vegetation: Trim trees, bushes, and other vegetation near the brick exterior. Increased shade and moisture from plants can encourage growth.
  4. Improve Ventilation: Adequate ventilation helps keep the brickwork dry. Ensure that vents and openings are clear and functional.
  5. Seal Cracks and Gaps: Seal any cracks or gaps in the brickwork and mortar to prevent moisture penetration, which can foster mold and algae.
  6. Apply Algae-Resistant Coatings: Consider using algae-resistant coatings on your brick exterior. These coatings contain additives that inhibit the growth of algae and mold.
  7. Inspect and Repair Gutters: Clogged or damaged gutters can lead to water overflow, which can saturate the brickwork. Regularly inspect and maintain gutters to prevent water-related issues.
  8. Monitor Shaded Areas: Pay special attention to shaded areas, as they are more prone to moisture retention. Implement additional preventive measures in these areas.

At CCWC Services, we provide not only professional brick cleaning but also guidance on preventive measures to keep your building’s brick exterior in optimal condition. Our goal is to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment while preserving the longevity of your brickwork.

How can regular brick cleaning contribute to the longevity of my commercial property?

Regular brick cleaning plays a crucial role in preserving the longevity of your commercial property in several ways:

  1. Preventing Damage: Cleaning removes dirt, pollutants, and contaminants that can gradually erode the surface of bricks. This prevents long-term damage and extends the lifespan of your brickwork.
  2. Mold and Algae Prevention: Regular cleaning prevents the growth of mold, algae, and mildew on the brick exterior. These organisms can deteriorate the bricks over time if left untreated.
  3. Stain Removal: Stains from graffiti, paint, or other sources can negatively impact the appearance and structural integrity of bricks. Regular cleaning ensures prompt stain removal, preventing permanent damage.
  4. Preserving Aesthetics: Clean and well-maintained brickwork enhances the curb appeal of your commercial property. It leaves a positive impression on clients, tenants, and visitors, contributing to the property’s overall value.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Clean brickwork reflects more sunlight, reducing heat absorption and lowering cooling costs. This can lead to energy savings over time.
  6. Structural Integrity: Regular maintenance through cleaning helps identify issues like deteriorating mortar or cracks early. Addressing these concerns promptly can prevent more extensive structural problems.
  7. Compliance and Regulations: Some regions have regulations that require regular maintenance, including brick cleaning, to comply with local laws. Regular cleaning ensures compliance and avoids potential fines.
  8. Cost Savings: Preventative maintenance through regular cleaning is often more cost-effective than addressing neglected issues that may require extensive repairs or replacements.

At CCWC Services, we understand the importance of preserving the longevity of your commercial property. Our professional brick cleaning services are tailored to enhance the aesthetics, structural integrity, and value of your property, ensuring it stands the test of time.

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