Builder Working

What Is Building Rendering?

Exterior building rendering is a plastering finish for external walls that gives a smooth finish and protects brickwork against the elements. Usually, this is built up in two or three coasts making it less likely cracks or erosion will develop over time. Why Should I Render My Building? The render on the exterior part of…

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Contractor At Work

How To Select The Perfect Contractor

Have you ever wondered why so much of your daily routine is taken up by managing your current contractors, and double-checking that they are performing to the standards you expect?   Do you ever wish you could place your External cleaning with a contractor you can rely on 100% to do more than the bare minimum?   But do such…

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Graffiti On Wall

How to: Graffiti Removal

How to: Graffiti Removal Although graffiti can be extremely artistic and an appreciated form of self-expression when practiced in the right way, not everyone appreciates it, especially when graffiti artists leave their mark on public buildings, street walls and other inappropriate public areas. The good news is, there are ways that you can remove graffiti…

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