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Exterior Cleaning of Factories and Buildings Across Wales

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The team at CCWC Services provide cost-efficient factory unit cleaning and building exterior cleaning in Cardiff & West Wales areas. We have more than 25 years of experience in the professional cleaning of large estates for local authorities, factory units, housing associations and premium accommodation. We are now one of the most highly trusted commercial cleaning companies in the area. In fact, we’re relied on by some of the UK’s most well-known companies, including:

  • The NHS
  • Clayton Hotels
  • River Island
  • Starbucks
  • Rightacres Property
  • Willmott Dixon Construction
  • Plus many more.

Qualified, insured and locally trusted operatives

CCWC’s operatives hold nearly 3 decades of experience providing building exterior cleaning in Cardiff, Bath, Bristol & West Wales. As a result, you can feel assured that when you choose us as your commercial cleaning company, you’re going to be provided with nothing less than a punctual, professional and efficient service.

We’re in possession of some of the highest grade building cleaning equipment available in the industry. And, all of our technicians complete extensive training in order to operate the equipment safely and effectively. The specialist equipment allows us to tackle any job, no matter the size. We can clean any type of brick or stone, aluminium & stainless steel cladding, powder coated metals and plastics. All without affecting the surface of the building.

Thanks to our experience, we understand how commercial grounds are run. So, our team works in a manner that will cause the minimal amount of disruption to your business and the regular running of the premises. your company, no doubt, has its own working hours, protocols and requirements. So, we will put a schedule in place to meet all of your needs. Doing things the right way is important to us. That’s why we always meet all of the necessary health and safety standards. We also hold all of the relevant certificates to work with the required materials and conditions.

Factory Cleaning

We are able to clean any area of a factory, from isles to the canteen. Furthermore, we will help you to meet your hygiene requirements by organising your waste and taking out your bins. We are also able to replenish sundries and consumables.

Food Production

We’re able to inspect, monitor and tackle the contamination of food production machinery. This will allow you to meet the relevant Government standards.


If your factory relies on heavy machinery, oil spills are inevitable. What’s more, they can cause serious accidents and harm to employees and visitors. Therefore, we recommend that these are cleaned as quickly as possible. However, you’ll need more than household cleaning products to do the job effectively. Our specialist industrial cleaning equipment removes oil and other grease efficiently. So, your staff, employees and visitors can avoid accidents!

Free Quote and Benchmarking

So if you are in need of a factory or exterior cleaning service in Cardiff, West Wales, Bristol or Bath, please call 08000 354 142 to discuss your business needs and to receive a free quote.

We can also carry out a free appraisal of your current cleaning services through our unique benchmarking service. Here we can show you what you are getting for your money, and get insight into where improvements can be made. We can also reveal where you can trim costs. A free, no-obligation quotation will be provided so that you can compare us with your current provider. This benchmarking service can be carried out remotely 99% of the time. So, we can evaluate your current services without your current tenants finding out!

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