Solar Panel Cleaning Cardiff, Wales

Introducing Fast and Thorough Solar Panel Cleaning That Will Improve Yields, And Not Disrupt Your Operations

Looking for a qualified, trained and locally trusted company that provides solar panel cleaning? Well, with CCWC you can be sure we understand the delicate nature of your panels, and will clean them thoroughly, but without damaging them.

We are approved and recommended by Clean Solar Solutions, who are the UK’s leading Solar Panel Maintenance Company. We’re recognised for having the skills and knowledge that other company’s just don’t possess, and we are happy to show you our competence cards as proof.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. We’re relied on by some of the UK’s most well-known companies, including:

  • The NHS
  • Clayton Hotels
  • River Island
  • Starbucks
  • Rightacres Property
  • Willmott Dixon Construction
  • Plus many more.

Our experienced team have all of the necessary skills and equipment required to clean solar panels safely and effectively. Our equipment selection includes deionised water fed poles and specialist brush heads, which allow for thorough cleaning in a short amount of time. This makes it a much more cost-effective process. We will work in an efficient and safe manner, leaving your solar farm looking as good as new.

Regular Solar Panel Cleaning Programmes

Did you know that regular, professional cleaning of your solar panels can increase your return on investment by up to 30%?

The panels at your solar installation will be exposed to all manner of dirt and pollution. If grime builds up on your panels it will prevent photons from reaching the photovoltaic cells, reducing their efficiency.

You might be thinking that rain will wash this dirt off (we get plenty of it in these parts!), but unfortunately rain cannot clean them completely. It also brings another raft of problems, depositing minerals on the panels after evaporation, and resulting in salt build-up in coastal areas.

Free Quote and Benchmarking

If you’re looking for a qualified, trained and reliable team that provides professional solar panel cleaning in Cardiff, Bath, Bristol and Wales, call CCWC Services now on 0800 035 4142 for a free no obligation quote.

If you’ve already hired a solar panel cleaning company, we can carry out a free appraisal of your current provider through our unique Benchmarking Service. We will show you what you are getting for your money, and inform you as to where improvements can be made, as well as where you can trim costs.

We can also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on our solar panel cleaning services, so that you can compare us with your current provider. This benchmarking service can be completed remotely 99% of the time, so we can evaluate your current services without your current provider finding out!

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