Commercial Pressure Washing

Expert Pressure Washing To Restore Buildings And Hard Surfaces To ‘Good As New’ Condition – With…

  • Minimal disruption to occupants or public
  • Correct treatment to avoid surface damage
  • Negligible environmental impact

If you are looking for expert commercial Pressure Washing in Cardiff, Wales, or the South West Area, here are three important factors to consider:

    • Look for a contractor who can demonstrate they have experienced operatives who have been trained correctly.

Inexperienced operators using high-pressure jet washing on the wrong surfaces can cause serious damage to your property.

All of our pressure washing operatives have received intensive training, so they know the characteristics of different surface materials, and the different types of dirt and soiling they will encounter. This allows them to use the best combination of equipment, temperature, pressure and cleaning additives for any particular job.

    • Does your contractor have the correct equipment for the job at hand?

For example, with larger areas of hard landscaping, communal areas, or business forecourts, we use rotary flat surface jet wash cleaners which ensure an even clean over the whole surface and minimise the escape of used/dirty water.

And with more delicate, older, or listed buildings, we might use low-pressure steam cleaning. And on larger surfaces in open areas, we will often use conventional high-pressure jet washing.

  • Has your contractor conducted an environmental assessment, and provided details of how they will protect the local environment (and your reputation)?

You should expect a Risk And Method Statement for your contract which will include environmental factors such as:
>> How will waste-water be contained and removed from site
>> What legal compliance issues need to be considered (e.g. safe management of traffic and pedestrians)?
>> Will any chemicals used be eco-friendly and biodegradable, and how will water usage be minimised?


Free Pressure Washing Quote and Benchmarking…

If you’re looking for a reliable company that will complete pressure washing projects professionally and to a high standard, please call 08000 354 142, and let’s discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed quotation.

If appropriate we will quickly attend your site and conduct a detailed survey before providing our costed recommendations.

Existing contractor in place?

If you have an existing contractor but would like to enjoy a more professional and reliable service, or you’d like to check that you’re getting best value for your budget, then we can carry out a Free Benchmarking Appraisal of your current supplier.

Our 21-step Benchmarking Report allows you to see exactly what you are getting for your money, and highlights where improvements can be made, and where you can trim costs without loss of service.

We’re also able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation so that you can compare us with your current provider. This benchmarking service can be carried out remotely 99% of the time. So, we can evaluate your current service provider without your tenants finding out! We use state of the art software to study your buildings or estate to give sizes, heights and any access issues. We will also perform a site visit to determine what level of service you are currently receiving whilst not disturbing the tenants.


Pressure Washing Throughout Cardiff & Wales

We have over 25 years of experience providing commercial high pressure washing for businesses in Cardiff, Wales, Bristol and Bath areas. As a result, we are one of the community’s most trusted commercial cleaning companies, and have provided services for some of the UK’s most well-known companies, including:


Hilton Hotels

River Island


Welsh Power

Rightacres Property

Willmott Dixon Construction

Plus many more.

We are Safe Contractor Approved, CHAS Accredited and certified by Constructionline.

All our staff are CRB & DBS Assured, and are equipped with GPS enabled iPads incorporating our own software. This allows us to access up to date information relating to clients and staff on the go. The software is updated throughout the day keeping our operatives up with the very latest jobs that require urgency ensuring our clients response rate is impeccable.

So, you can rest assured that your high-pressure washing requirements are in good hands with our qualified team.

CCWC’s High Pressure Washing Services

Safety is paramount with any high-pressure washing project. For all premises, we will ensure that the cleaning area is as safe as possible and has minimal impact on your visitors and employees.

We will cordon the area off with an exclusion zone for pedestrian management, wear the relevant personal protective equipment, and observe all of the other appropriate health and safety requirements. And of course, we will make sure that we have cleaned everything up when we are done.

Please note that as well as one-off cleaning projects, we deliver maintenance packages for many Clients, where we undertake regular pressure washing and cleaning projects to an agreed schedule.

Get A Highly Competitive Quote:

If you’re looking for a qualified, trained and trusted company that provides high pressure washing services in Cardiff, Wales, Bristol and Bath, talk to the team at CCWC today.

Call free now on 0800 035 4142l or complete the form below and we’ll be back in touch within 2 working hours.

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