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Avian intruders, particularly pigeons, can quickly become a nuisance for your property. They roost, nest, and leave behind unsightly messes. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution to keep these feathered trespassers at bay: Bird Netting.

What is Bird Netting?

Bird netting, also known as pigeon netting, is a bird control measure that uses nets to create a physical barrier, preventing birds from accessing specific areas. It’s a versatile solution used to safeguard various properties, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and agricultural sites.

Types of Bird Netting

Bird netting comes in various types, each tailored to specific needs:

  • Pop-up bird netting: Ideal for gardens, it keeps birds away from berries and greens.
  • Wire Crop Coop: Protects gardens from birds and other pests.
  • Crop Cage: Safeguards ripening berries in gardens.
  • Wire Super Dome: Ensures tall crops remain bird-free.
  • Wire Row Cloche and Wire Cloche: Shields seedlings and rows from bird interference.
  • No-Knot Bird Netting: Provides robust protection for roofs, warehouses, and exposed enclosures.

Where is Bird Netting Most Commonly Used?

Bird netting is a game-changer in various applications:

  • Crop Protection: Safeguard your crops from bird damage, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
  • Building Protection: Shield your property from avian intruders, preserving its integrity.
  • Industrial Applications: Keep your industrial facilities bird-free, enhancing safety and hygiene.
  • Specialized Enclosures: Protect exposed enclosures effectively with tailored bird netting solutions.

How Bird Netting Works

Bird netting creates an impenetrable barrier that discourages pigeons and other birds from roosting or nesting on your property. By eliminating flat surfaces, it forces them to seek alternative locations.

Pros and Cons of Bird Netting


  • Tailored solutions for different applications.
  • Long-lasting and environmentally safe protection.
  • Effective against a wide range of bird species, including pigeons.


  • Accurate installation is essential and may require professional assistance.

In conclusion, bird netting is the ultimate solution for facility managers looking to protect their property from avian intruders. Its versatility, effectiveness, and long-lasting benefits make it a wise investment. Don’t let pigeons disrupt your operations; choose bird netting and enjoy a bird-free environment.

Lee Clark

Lee founded CCWC Services back in 1988 with the focus on being a great company to work for and providing a great cleaning service in South Wales, over the years his expertise has been called on all over England

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