Introducing an ACCOUNTABLE Soft Services Contractor Who Checks Their Own Work, and Keeps You Informed…

Are you spending hours every week, constantly checking up on contractors to see whether they have done the work required, on time, and to a sufficiently high standard?

If so, I think you’ll find working with CCWC a breath of fresh air, because we take responsibility for delivering on our promises!

We will be proactive in showing you that we’re working to standards that will make your life so much easier, and more productive.

Here’s how it works…

With every soft services contract we undertake, we will always agree a series of Service Level Agreements, which will set out in detail each task to be completed.

Once the work has been finished and checked by our team, we will…

Inspect the whole job is up to our standard

Upload photographic images or video and send via email

Send you a text message confirming time and date of completion

Provide a digital signature of satisfaction from your on-site supervisor or named person


Do You Have A Soft Services Project That Requires A Detailed Proposal From A RELIABLE Contractor?

If you have a new project coming up, or a Tender that is due for renewal, let’s have a brief chat about how we can help you.

Simply email or call  0800 035 4142 and tell us about your requirements.

We will then explain how out Service Level Agreements work, and how our systems are geared to make your life easier, by being accountable for our performance.

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