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High Pressure Washing

CCWC have over 25 years of commercial cleaning experience. One of our most popular services is our High Pressure Washing service. The appearance of any commercial premises can have a lasting impression on your customers and staff, the last thing you want if for dirt to be visible on floors and walls.

We would recommend high pressure washing if you have tough-to-clean spots in tough-to-clean places. Roofs, walls, patios, decking, driveways and outdoor areas can all benefit from high pressure washing.

The problem with high pressure washing is that it can go quite awry if you do it incorrectly. That’s why our experienced staff have all undertaken the necessary training and qualifications to ensure that we do the best possible job, with the minimum possible fuss.

To CCWC, safety is paramount. No matter the premises we will be sure that the cleaning area is as safe as possible. We will cordon the area off, wear the relevant protective equipment and observe all of the other appropriate health and safety requirements.

Finally, as we want you to be able to notice the difference straight away we will make sure that we have cleaned everything up when we are done.
Pressure washing can make such a huge difference, it is well worth the investment.

Please note that we can offer a maintenance package if required.

Free Quote and Benchmarking

If you would like a free high-pressure washing quote, please call 08000 35 41 42 or email

We can also carry out a free appraisal of your current high pressure washing service through our unique Benchmarking Service. We will show you what you are getting for your money, informing you of where improvement can be made and where you can trim costs.

We will also provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation so that you can compare CCWC Services with your current provider.

We are able to carry out this benchmarking service remotely 99% of the time, so we can evaluate your current services without your current tenants finding out!

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What our clients say about our Pressure Washing

CCWC have undertaken cleaning duties at numerous properties managed by Seel & Co Ltd. The work undertaken by CCWC has been carried out promptly, in a professional manner, and to a high standard.

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