Eyebolt Testing


Eyebolt Installation & Examination

Are you looking to install eyebolts on your commercial premises? CCWC Services have a team of highly trained and qualified technicians who specialise in the installation of eyebolts/anchor devices for safety harnesses. We can install and secure Class A1 Anchor Devices for Rope access, as well as Fall Prevention Systems.

If you have work to be carried out on your premises that requires the use of ropes, installing eyebolts will allow your workers better access to the work area. No matter the area it will be easy to clean, paint or build.

If the work required is going to be carried out using safety harnesses attached to the inside of a building it is essential to have a Fall Prevention System in place to save a worker from falling from height.

Please note that fall prevention eyebolts will only save a worker on one occasion. Once they have come into use they need to be replaced in accordance with HSE and LOLER standards.

Eyebolt Installation the Right Way

Whether you need a Work Access System or a Fall Prevention System, we guarantee that you will see the same high-standard of installation.

It is essential that every single eyebolt is installed in a safe and professional manner. One error in an installation could cause serious harm to an individual.

The importance of the safe installation, inspection and testing of these systems cannot be underestimated. Any faults in the system can seriously jeopardise a person’s life.

This is why the CCWC Services team complete each of our installations in accordance with BS EN795 and BS 7883:2005 standards.

Each eyebolt system and its installation will differ depending on the building structure and material, but with over 25 years of experience we won’t put a foot wrong.

Eyebolts Examination and Testing

It is a legal requirement that these are examined and tested every 6 months for Rope Access Systems and every 12 months for Fall Prevention Systems.

CCWC have all of the necessary experience and equipment to accurately test and examine any eyebolt installation.

We will produce a report detailing any faults, stating which eyebolts need to be withdrawn and which eyebolts are fit for use.

We will mark all tested eyebolts in accordance to the relevant British Standards and the PPE Directives, detailing the date of the next required examination and the usage purpose of the eyebolt. Finally we will provide you with a Certificate of Periodic Examination.

Free Quote and Benchmarking

If you would like a free eyebolt installation or examination quote, please call 08000 35 41 42 or email info@ccwcservices.co.uk.

We can also carry out a free appraisal of your current services through our unique Benchmarking Service. We will show you what you are getting for your money, informing you of where improvement can be made and where you can trim costs.

We will also provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation so that you can compare CCWC Services with your current provider.

We are able to carry out this benchmarking service remotely 99% of the time, so we can evaluate your current services without your current tenants finding out!

What our clients say about our Eyebolt Testing

I have worked in conjunction with Lee & his team at CCWC for four years now and have always found them to provide a high quality, prompt and efficient service. Lee has always been quick to respond to emails and phone calls and his quotes are very competitively placed. I expect a lot from all of my contractors, and often have strict requirements and budgets to meet; Lee is extremely flexible and has always managed to meet my expectations with the service that CCWC provide. I would highly recommend CCWC for both their quality of work and competitive pricing structure.

Esther Hunting, Property Manager

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