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What is DOFF Steam Cleaning and how does it work?

DOFF steam cleaning is a sophisticated cleaning method using superheated steam to clean building facades. The steam is applied at varying temperatures and pressures through a specialised applicator, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process. This technique is especially renowned for its delicate approach, making it ideal for older, more fragile surfaces that might be damaged by harsher cleaning methods.

How Does DOFF Steam Cleaning Work?

The DOFF system generates steam at temperatures exceeding 150°C, but the pressure remains relatively low. This combination allows for the efficient removal of grime, biological matter, and other unwanted substances without damaging the building’s surface. Unlike traditional pressure washing, which can be abrasive, this method is gentle, ensuring the preservation of historical and delicate materials.

The Benefits of DOFF Steam Cleaning

  1. Gentle Cleaning for Delicate Surfaces: This cleaning method is perfect for surfaces that cannot withstand high-pressure or abrasive cleaning methods. It’s particularly suitable for heritage sites, listed buildings, and older stone structures.
  2. Effective Removal of Biological Matter: Over time, buildings accumulate fungi, algae, moss, and other biological materials. These can cause significant deterioration and visual decay. The DOFF system efficiently removes these without damaging the surface.
  3. Versatility: From historic buildings to modern commercial facades, this cleaning method can handle a wide range of surfaces and materials, making it a versatile solution.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Using steam instead of harsh chemicals makes this method an environmentally friendly option. It’s safe for the surroundings and poses no risk to pets or people nearby.
  5. Water Efficiency: The system uses significantly less water than traditional pressure washing methods, making it a sustainable choice.
  6. Fast Drying: Surfaces cleaned with DOFF dry quickly, minimising disruption and allowing buildings to be used almost immediately after cleaning.

DOFF Steam Cleaning Services Nationwide

At CCWC Services, we pride ourselves on offering professional DOFF steam cleaning services across the UK. Our professional team is equipped with the latest DOFF steam cleaning systems to ensure your building is treated with the utmost care and precision. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn graffiti or need to revitalise the façade of a historic building, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Real-World Applications

Historic Buildings: Our cleaning services have been instrumental in preserving numerous historic buildings. By gently cleaning stonework, brick, and terracotta, we help maintain these structures for future generations.

Graffiti Removal: Removing graffiti without damaging the underlying surface is a challenge. This cleaning method effectively lifts paint and ink, restoring the building’s appearance without the need for harsh chemicals.

Industrial Cleaning: From modern stone facades to older monuments, our system cuts through grime and dirt, leaving no chemical residues behind.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

The eco-friendly nature of this steam cleaning method makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious property owners. The system uses minimal water and no harsh chemicals, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring safe usage around people and pets. Plus, the quick drying time means less disruption to your daily operations.

Case Study: Restoration of the Bristol Marriott Hotel

CCWC Services recently completed an extensive refurbishment project at the Bristol Marriott Hotel, rejuvenating the building’s aesthetics and ensuring its structural longevity. The hotel faced aging infrastructure and safety concerns, which required a meticulous strategy. Our multi-faceted approach included DOFF steam cleaning for pre-cast concrete, descaling glazing, and painting windows and doors. The project was executed with suspended access equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to hotel operations. The results were remarkable: enhanced safety compliance, improved aesthetics, and positive guest feedback, leading to higher satisfaction and bookings.


Checkout This Video as we restore the Bristol Marriott Hotel: https://youtu.be/UI2g0l8EQIsh

Why Choose CCWC Services?

Choosing CCWC Services for your cleaning needs means opting for quality, professionalism, and exceptional results. Our team is dedicated to providing the best cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs. We understand the unique challenges of maintaining and preserving different types of buildings and are committed to using the most effective and eco-friendly methods available.

Contact Us

If you have a building in need of restoration and cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you’re dealing with graffiti, dirt accumulation, or simply want to restore your building’s original beauty, CCWC Services can help. Contact us today to learn more about our DOFF steam cleaning services and how we can assist you.

Ready to transform your building’s facade? Contact CCWC Services today for professional DOFF steam cleaning services. Let us help you maintain and preserve the beauty of your property with our expert cleaning solutions.

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