Pristine Transformation at One Central Square - A Window Cleaning Triumph
Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning at One Central Square

Client: Wilmott Dixon
Service: Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning at One Central Square.
Date: 2016

One Central Square: Overview

CCWC Services recently undertook a comprehensive cleaning project at One Central Square, a renowned commercial complex. The project involved thorough cleaning from top to bottom, both inside and out, to enhance the building’s appearance and maintain a healthy environment for its occupants.

The Challenge

One Central Square, a bustling hub of business activity, required extensive cleaning to address accumulated dirt and grime on its exterior and interior surfaces. The primary challenges included:

  • Reaching and cleaning high external windows safely and effectively.
  • Ensuring all internal windows and surfaces were cleaned thoroughly by hand.
  • Completing the project within a tight schedule without disrupting the building’s daily operations.

Our Solution

Drawing on our unparalleled chemical knowledge and technical prowess, CCWC Services formulated a tailored solution to tackle the dual challenge of cleaning the glazed units and managing site logistics. Our adept team meticulously evaluated the glass surfaces and formulated a comprehensive cleaning approach that harnessed the power of our chemical expertise to eliminate water marks and contaminants without compromising the integrity of the glass.


Initial Assessment:

  • Conducted a detailed site inspection to identify specific cleaning needs and plan logistics.
  • Prepared comprehensive Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) to ensure safety.

External Window Cleaning via Abseiling:

  • Highly trained technicians used rope access techniques to clean all external windows efficiently and safely.

Internal Window Cleaning:

  • All internal windows were cleaned manually, ensuring a polished, streak-free finish.

Comprehensive Interior Cleaning:

  • Employed hand cleaning techniques throughout the building, including dusting, wiping surfaces, and sanitising high-traffic areas.


Enhanced Appearance:

  • The cleaning significantly improved the building’s appearance, making it more inviting for tenants and visitors.

Healthier Environment:

  • Comprehensive interior cleaning ensured a hygienic environment, promoting well-being among building occupants.

Client Satisfaction:

  • The project was completed efficiently and within the scheduled timeframe, leading to high levels of client satisfaction and positive feedback.


The Pristine Transformation at One Central Square project highlights CCWC Services’ expertise in delivering detailed and effective cleaning solutions for commercial properties. By combining advanced techniques with a meticulous approach, we ensured the building was immaculate both inside and out. This case study exemplifies our commitment to excellence, reliability, and client satisfaction.

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