Flawless Revitalisation at Parkgate Hotel by CCWC Services

External windows through overcoming a multitude of of issues building cleaning and maintenance at Parkgate Hotel

Client: BECT Builders
Service: External windows through overcoming a multitude of of issues, building cleaning and maintenance at Parkgate Hotel

Date: 2021

Parkgate Hotel Overview:

CCWC Services recently undertook a challenging cleaning and maintenance project at the prestigious Parkgate Hotel in Cardiff. The project involved thorough cleaning of external windows and overcoming multiple maintenance issues to enhance the building’s appearance and functionality.

The Challenge

The Parkgate Hotel, a landmark of luxury in Cardiff, faced numerous challenges:

  • Cleaning and maintaining high external windows.
  • Addressing various building maintenance issues.
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to hotel operations during the project.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, CCWC Services implemented a comprehensive plan:

  • External Window Cleaning via Abseiling: Using rope access techniques to safely clean all external windows.
  • Building Maintenance: Addressing and resolving various maintenance issues to ensure the building’s integrity and aesthetic appeal.


Initial Assessment:

  • Conducted a thorough site inspection to identify specific cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • Prepared comprehensive Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) to ensure safety.

External Window Cleaning via Abseiling:

  • Highly trained technicians utilised rope access techniques to clean high external windows efficiently and safely.

Building Maintenance:

  • Addressed multiple maintenance issues, including structural repairs and preventive measures, to enhance the building’s overall condition.


Enhanced Appearance:

  • The meticulous cleaning of external windows significantly improved the hotel’s appearance, making it more inviting for guests.

Improved Functionality:

  • Resolving maintenance issues ensured the building’s integrity and functionality, contributing to a better guest experience.


The Flawless Revitalisation at Parkgate Hotel project highlights CCWC Services’ expertise in delivering comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions for luxury hotels. By combining advanced techniques with a meticulous approach, we ensured the building was immaculate and fully functional. This case study exemplifies our commitment to excellence, reliability, and client satisfaction.

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