The Bristol Mariott Hotel Refurbishment

Doff Steam Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Concrete Repairs, Painting, Stitch and Pin.

Client: Bristol Mariott Hotel
Service: Exterior Refurbishment
Date: August 2023


CCWC Services recently completed an extensive refurbishment project at the Bristol Marriott Hotel. This project aimed to rejuvenate the building’s aesthetics and ensure the longevity of its structure, focusing on enhancing both safety and aesthetic appeal.

The Challenge

The Bristol Marriott faced several challenges:

Aging Infrastructure: Years of exposure had left the building’s pre-cast concrete, glazing, windows, doors, and louvers in a deteriorated state.

Health and Safety Concerns: Ensuring the safety of both the workers during the refurbishment and the guests’ post-renovation was paramount.

Operational Continuity: The hotel needed to continue its operations during renovations, requiring meticulous planning to minimise disruption.

Our Solution

CCWC Services developed a multi-faceted refurbishment strategy that included:

DOFF Steam Cleaning: Employing gentle yet effective cleaning techniques for the building’s pre-cast concrete.

Descaling of All Glazing: Removing years of accumulated limescale to restore transparency and aesthetic appeal.

Window, Doors, and Louvers Painting: Protecting these elements from weathering and enhancing visual appeal.

Concrete Repairs: External stitch and pin concrete repairs to ensure structural integrity.

Glazing Replacement: Replacing damaged glazing to ensure safety and improve visual clarity.

Internal Window Cleaning: Improving the indoor visual environment for hotel guests.


Executing the project required a harmonious blend of expertise and precision. With suspended access equipment as our platform, our skilled technicians adeptly manoeuvred the exteriors, applying our specialized cleaning process. The combination of chemical treatment and meticulous cleaning techniques meticulously removed watermarks and contaminants, breathing new life into the glazed units. Simultaneously, our meticulous management of pedestrian and traffic flow ensured a safe and streamlined environment during the cleaning process.


The refurbishment led to significant improvements:

Enhanced Safety and Compliance: The hotel now meets all modern safety standards, reassuring guests and staff.

Improved Aesthetic and Structural Integrity: The building’s facade is not only more visually appealing but also structurally sound.

Positive Guest Feedback: Guests have noted the improvements, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased bookings.


The refurbishment of the Bristol Marriott Hotel by CCWC Services was a complex but rewarding project that significantly improved the building’s safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Our ability to handle extensive refurbishments while emphasising health and safety was proven, ensuring that the hotel remains a preferred choice for visitors to Bristol.